CEO of Quick Heal – Success Story

Kalash Katkar, the man by itself, needs no introduction the founder and CEO of the multimillionaire company quick heal, had to face a lot of struggle and hardships before reaching this position.

Born in a Marathi family, Kailash spent his childhood in Pune, where his father used to work in a machine setter company. When Kailash was in high school, the family faced an economic crisis which forced him to leave studies and search for a job.

Kailash worked in Pune at a Radio and calculator repair shop for 1500 rupees per month. Since he had a love for technology, he learnt to fix all the modern office gadgets in a short while and worked there for the next five years.

In the year 1990, he decided to start his calculator repairing shop; He had a 100 sq ft shop on rent and invested his entire savings of 15000 rupees in the business.

Following the first year he made a profit of 45000, but even after this success, he couldn’t satisfy himself of what he had achieved. Perhaps, a desire to do something new told him, this was not the thing he always wanted to do in his life, so he quit his business and started learning about computers through attending small courses or reading books in the library.

He launched a new venture CAT computer services in 1993 starting from a small room. He used to do most of the hardware repairing over there, but a little experience and lack of any formal education regarding equipment made running the business to be increasingly difficult.

Although He didn’t lose hope and carried on doing his work after two months the business was a success, and two families had kept him for the maintenance of their computer systems and payment for Rs 2000 per month. Slowly and gradually the number of clients increased In number, very soon he got a contract for maintenance from the new India insurance company and a few months back he got the second contract.

The business had started to grow in June and the first year company’s turnover was one lakh rupees and by that time he had come to realise that the surge of computers was taking over. He started to collect more information related to computers and in the midst of which viruses have started to detriment the computers and the users were experiencing several problems.

He had the challenge to remove this issue and to help his customers, but at that time the only solution to the problem was to format the computer, but there was also a possibility of losing data if not stored anywhere. Internet was too getting famous, and the opportunity to virus intrusion was proving even more dangerous. His younger brother had been doing computer engineering from the University of Pune, on his saying he developed a basic model of an anti-virus software he named it quick heal.

Sanjay started giving more time on hardware shops. He would create viruses, and his brother would develop software to remove them and as a result, they gave all that they had into making antivirus software and quite a hardware repairing job. Last year quick heal had a revenue of 250 crore rupees. Quick heal now stands as a significant competitor against American antivirus companies such as Symantec and Mcafee.