Are You Ready for Abundance in Your Business?

True or false: there’s an unlimited supply of income available for my business.

The answer is: true. And false.

Either way, it’s what you believe that will determine your level of success financially and in every other resource in your business.

Whether you believe in abundance or not means the difference between achieving financial success in your business, and struggling. It can mean the difference between a flourishing business with substantial profits and an okay, meet-your-expenses business, or even business failure.

This isn’t one of those, ‘build it and they will come,’ articles. I’m not saying that if you believe you’ll have financial abundance in your business that money will automatically come flowing in.

I am saying that your belief, your mindset, makes a very real difference in the amount of money you’ll create in your business.

A scarcity mindset will keep you and your business small.

An abundance mindset will allow you to grow and expand in income, leadership, and in every other aspect of your business.

You may still be doubtful. Hey, I studied science in college, so let’s take the existential approach for a moment. If you’re having trouble believing that your mindset can make this much difference, consider the practicalities.

Which would you rather experience in your business? It sure feels a lot better to be open and looking for opportunities than worrying about who is going to steal your next lead and idea.

The world’s a friendly place, wide open with possibilities. And they’re available to you, with the abundance mindset that invites them.

I don’t want to imply that no work is involved. Opportunities are just the open door. To make them yours, you’ve got to do the work.