What Are You Missing?

When my husband and I were in Canada we spent a great deal of time in the Blue Mountain Resort near Collingwood, Ontario. We went up to the cute little ski village but it wasn’t a ski village in early September- it was an early fall shopping and dining and fun destination. I shopped for some adorable and inexpensive sweaters. We ate luscious meals. And we observe what they were doing with the ski hills and ski lift. They had turned the ski lifts into a ‘ride experience’ where you could get a look from on high at the area. There was also a number of BMX bikes that went up, followed by their riders in full gear, soon to be soaring down what is normally the ski runs. There was a zip lining area set up to make use of another part of the ski run, as well as sleds going down what were bobsled runs. It was so smart. Using the assets of the ski resort and making a living in the ‘off’ season. This made me think about what opportunities I and others may be missing when it comes to our businesses.

Most of us get super focused on what we are doing when we are in our jobs or businesses. That is mostly a good thing that allows you and I to accomplish the tasks we set out to accomplish, make money, grow our businesses and succeed.

However, sometimes having a telescopic view has you miss the hidden treasures lurking right there in your business or miss opportunities with partners and strategic alliances that could, if you saw them, and acted on them, be the opportunity of a lifetime. When you think about a ski resort, you think snow and sledding and in the off season, you don’t think about it. However, someone saw this opportunity and did some out of the box thinking to create what they currently have.

I started looking at my business and wondering where is the hidden treasure trove. As in all businesses, I have a few different ‘tracks’ as in workshops, speaking, business success individual coaching and group coaching. However, my commitment is to empower people, and more specifically, I have a profound commitment to empower women. Someone approached me with an idea in that realm, but not in the coaching realm. At first, I resisted the idea- saying to myself it will take me off track. After working with my coach and some trusted advisers, it was like I could see the ski resort become a summer destination too. It all came together and I could clearly see how this new venture totally fulfills what my business exists for. (More about that later)

I would suggest taking a look at your business and getting interested if you are missing a treasure trove right in front of you. If that interests you, here is what I would suggest:

· Take an inventory of your assets- ideas, clients, products.

· Take yourself out of the equation and examine what you have from a new perspective- what can I do with this?

· What new opportunities are here?

· What new actions, products, affiliations or directions could you take that would align with what you are doing AND increase your bottom line?

Often this is difficult to do because it is challenging to take your emotions out of it.